Le son au bout des doigts installation, Centre Pompidou

1 Jun , 2017  

Le son au bout des doigts is an installation shown 1.6.–18.6. at the Centre Pompidou and part of Ircam’s Manifeste festival using ISMM’s gesture recognition and interactive sound synthesis technology.

It offers a playful, interactive, sonorous and visual journey for children ages two and up. Through manipulations and listening, the children’s sight and hearing is solicited. In Topo-phonie Café imagined by B. MacFarlane, the children are guided by a game of organic structures. They set special tables that create sonorous suprises.

With DIRTI developed by User Studio/Matthieu Savary, when children sink their hands in different materials that fill interactive tubs they set off sounds and images.

Images (C) Centre Popidou / Hervé Veronèse

Topo-Phonie café is based on contact interaction with a table using XMM gesture recognition technology by the ISMM team. For the Dirty Tangible Interfaces (DIRTI), we ported the IAE sound engine to a Linux SBC and adapted the Mac software for the quadrophonic DIRTI XL.

See this article on France Musique for an appreciation.


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