PiPo SDK release v0.1

3 Jul , 2015  

Update: the¬†PiPo SDK v0.2 is now available on Ircam R&D‘s GitHub!

The PiPo module API for writing your own processing and analysis objects is now available and documented here:
It includes an example xcode project to build a simple pipo mxo for Max that also works within MuBu.

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3 Mar , 2014  

Plug-In-Plug-Out / Programming Interface for (Afferent Stream) Processing Objects

PiPo is an extremely simple plugin API for modules processing streams of multi-dimensional data such as audio, audio descriptors, or gesture and motion data. The current version of the interface is limited to unary operations. Each PiPo module receives and produces a single stream. The elements of a stream are time-tagged or regularly sampled scalars, vectors, or two-dimensional matrices. More…