Leap Motion skeletal tracking in Max

7 Nov , 2014  

We developed a new object for using the Leap Motion in Max, based on the Leap Motion SDK V2 Skeletal Tracking Beta.

The object is inspired by aka.leapmotion, developed by Masayuki Akamatsu, but was re-written for the new tracking API. The object has separate outlets for gestures, hands, fingers, and frame information. Most of the features of the SDK are dumped as prefixed messages in Max.

The object was developed for research or experimental applications. Therefore, the object is in beta, and we do not guarantee any sustained development and support. The source code is available on Ircam-Forge.

Compatibility: Max 6+ [Mac OSX 10.6+ // Windows 32/64bits]


  • Full Skeletal Tracking
  • Automatic left/right hand routing
  • Automatic finger routing
  • Build-in Leap Motion gesture recognition
  • Simple record/replay based on MuBu


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